Telemental Health

Electronic Counseling: Texting/ Email, and Video Counseling

Are you struggling to juggle work, family, and personal time? Are you moving away and would still like a way to check-in as needed? Do you sometimes wish you could check in with your therapist a few times a week via text/e-mail as a quick way to touch base?  It might be worth a try of “text-based-therapy”. This can occur through e-mail and/or text. For a flat, weekly fee, I can offer regular availability via email and/or text as well as video-counseling options.

This form of therapy is ideal for the maintenance phase of therapy once an established therapeutic relationship has occurred. If this is something you may be interested in, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.

Text- based therapy can be beneficial for many when getting to the office for an in-person visit is not possible. However, it is not the best solution to counseling, especially if you are experiencing homocidal and/or suicidal thoughts. In those cases, I encourage clients to call a crisis hotline, go to an Emergency Room Crisis Intervention center, and/or to schedule a face-to-face assessment with a mental health professional.  I also reserve the right to refuse to even embark upon email-based counseling when I believe the client’s needs require a more intensive (face-to-face) intervention.

*Note that if a client develops suicidal or homicidal ideation during a course of email-based counseling, I do not simply “discharge-and-run.”  I will (with the client’s consent) be happy to coordinate care with Crisis Intervention or with other mental health professionals. 

Because of these very real limitations, I do not consider assessment via email (or even videoconference) sufficient to truly make a diagnosis, and I likewise do not consider it an appropriate way to try to help people who are actively struggling with thoughts of suicide or homicide.