A Mountain of Tissues…And How To Avoid It

I’m not sure why, but I have been sick more times this year than the cumulative of my whole life. And I’m tired of it. My early new years resolution? Start taking better care of my health. This may sound rather lofty, but when broken down into parts it also seems more reasonable. Are you dealing with a cruddy immune system? Read on to see if you can benefit from these. Or share your ideas as to how you stay healthy!

Step 1: Utilize Technology. I’ve had an app called, “pinkpad”* figuretively lying around on my phone. I used to use it religiously to track headaches. Once I discovered the reason behind said headaches, pinkpad seemed like a few wasted minutes. But now I have more reason to give it another go. (I believe the actual purpose of PinkPad is to track menstrual cycles and fertility, but it does not have to be!)

Step 2: Revamp Diet. My family generally jokes around that my partner and I are “too picky”. But as of recent months, our relatively healthy diet has gone down the gutter. It seems like it’s time to reopen our wallets and invest in quality food. Not to mention at this point, it might be helpful to start planning out meals to make the weekdays less stressful.

Step 3: Exercise! Both physically and mentally. This means getting up off that computer and stretching out, jumping around. anything to get the blood flowing! Play sudoko, do a crossword or even scrabble* will get those brain juices flowing!  This also means I have to stop blaming the weather and/or my pups as an excuse. Or time, that’s a good one.

Step 4: Make time. Specifically to get out and run. Sure, we can’t literally create more minutes in a day, but we sure as heck can try to maximize it! Read here for more info.

Step 5: SLEEP! I love sleeping. And naps. But for some reason, my  bedtime keeps getting pushed later these days. In my case, I know I need at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night to function the next day. Do you know what you need? Use the weekend to experiment what sleep ratio works best for you!

And on that note, I’m going to go off and utilize the rest of my time to get some sleep. 🙂

Note: Michelle is not being paid to endorse any products mentioned in this post.

Everything Happens for a Reason

The Art of Scheduling

I just had four days off for Thanksgiving break. And now, I look at the minutes as I’m  drowning through the demands I placed on myself before this break and I’m frantically crossing my fingers for time to slow down.

Where did the last four days go? Between family time, being gluttonous, and checking off the to do list, here I am on Sunday night feeling as if nothing was accomplished.

Do you ever feel like that? You schedule yourself a day off but when you get ready for bed, you realize your to do list is as long as it was when you submitted the time off to your boss?

Well. I have an idea: schedules. Yes, that’s right. Even pseudo-vacations should run on a somewhat planned schedule.

And to be hoenst, my lack of personal scheduling is the reason this blog has fallen by the wayside. “I’ll get to it during my lunch break” turned into “I’ll write something before bed” which fell apart with “I’ll do it over the weekend” until now. This weekend I’ve set a schedule for myself to make it through the hectic next few weeks.

Because you can’t deny it. No matter what faith you are, December always ends up feeling like you’re on The GravitronYou know, one of those rides at cheap carnivals where you stand against a wall and the gravitational force keeps you stuck against the wall as the speed increases. You know what I’m talking about.

So I propose the idea of scheduling your “down-time”. It doesn’t have to be minute by minute. Think of it more like the cable company does: give yourself blocks of time to get a category done. For example, from 8am-12 pm I plan on starting my day with taking care of myself and the dogs. Vague enough to give me some leeway, but specific enough to feel like something has been accomplished once 12:01 rolls around. And if you are the type of person that is stuck on the cusp between both “type a & b personality” you can take it a step further: breakfast by 9, walk dogs until 9:30, run until 11:30, and get ready to leave.

See, I feel better just having wrote this. Yay for productive spontaneity.

Source: Dr. Seuss