Hopscotch Your Way to Happiness

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.- Plato

Do you have time to be silly? Most will say no. Time to be professional! Time to be an adult! Time to pay bills, but no time to have some fun.

One of the main reasons I enjoy working with kids is because of their willingness to play. They don’t really need that new talking Furby* or the latest Beyblade*. Sure, they’ll kick and whine about it but give them a few regular Lego*, or whatever trinket is hanging out in the impulse buy section of a check-out line and magic will happen.

It truly is amazing. Often times in play, individuals will feel more free to express themselves. Yes this is true for little ones. But once you get an adult to sit down and play, they’ll typically use it as a means to express how they really feel instead of trying to hide behind a facade of what they think they should feel!

Ask any grade schooler what their favorite subject in school is and most will say recess. Next time consider joining them out there. Absorb all the giggles. And most importantly, enjoy your Self!

Source: unknown
Source: unknown

*Michelle does not endorse any of the products mentioned in this post nor is she being paid to mention them in the post.

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