Fall Equinox

I’m a bit late, but Fall is too great of a season to not acknowledge. And I felt it’d be appropriate to mention the change since I started this venture on the summer cusp.

Time is speeding up. This seems to be the general consensus among most of those I ask.
“Is it just me, or is time gong faster?” Is how the conversation starts. “I remember growing up it seemed like each season lasted forever.” And on it goes, until we realize we sound like the stereotypical grandparent who “had to walk two miles in the snow”.

Now, it seems as if within a blink I’m getting ready for the next change. I still didn’t even move all my winter clothes into storage when it warmed up and now it seems like that was a good idea.

My last month of summer has been incredibly busy. Full of fighting injustices in the legal system and outrageous doctors fees. I’m not exactly trying to make an excuse for my lack of writing (read: i was legitimately too tired to try to write a complete post). After all, I did feel guilty so many weeks have lapsed and had started several posts without seeing them through to frutition. (Note- this post was first drafted on 9/17!)

Which led me to feel guilty.

But thankfully, things have normalized. Work hours are relatively stable. I’ve restarted running to keep some sense of balance.

My tip for times like these? Try to find something in your life you can rely on when stress hits the fan. Maybe it’s exercise. Or art. Or sky diving. But even when it seems impossible to take 5 minutes out of an insane day for yourself and you feel guilty just thinking about taking time for yourself, do it.

If you don’t take a few moments for your Self, the result will likely be burnout. Which can lead to depression and other serious health issues. Reexamine your to-do list and make the time to have some time.

Source- unknown

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