it’s a hard concept to swallow. And even if we are under the impression that we are completly accepting, the truth is we’re usually not.

Maybe it’s because we’re just curious. Maybe there is some jealousy involved. Maybe there is a age-appropriate crisis hitting. But accepting your Self and your life is a constant struggle for most of us.

The first and hardest thing to accept? Ourself, rather our Self. We tend to be much more lenient accepting our boyfriend’s lethal gas habits and mom’s persistent nagging. But our own smallest imperfection can lead us down a self-deprecating whirlwind.

Why is that?  We can blame our upbringing; our parents didn’t provide enough love and affection so now we have low self-esteem. We can blame the environment; raunchy advertisements belittle our average existence to even an even lower self-esteem. But I believe a good chunk of it is because most of us have not taken the time to get our know our Self’s.

Do we even know what our Self really means? According to Carl Jung, the Self is:

The coherent whole, unifying both the consciousness and unconscious mind of a person. The Self is realized as the product of individuation, which is defined as the process of integrating one’s personality.

You are not just your clothes and your hobbies. You are your dreams. Your fears. Your wants and needs.

Some don’t take the time to give their relationship with their Self a once-over. Unless a serious relationship with a significant other devastatingly ends. Or maybe it took the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness to put life into perspective.

Before we can start to accept our Self and all that it encompasses, we need to explore our own personal mystery.

If you don’t know where to start, give journaling a go. Keep running lists of likes and dislikes. Experiment with new hobbies to see what really tickles your fancy. Sooner than later, you will have a better idea of what you are truly composed of inside and out. Think about all the time you have invested in learning about others. Spend some time to get to know your Self.

Only then will you be truly able to accept your Self.

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