Solstice and Mirrors

This year’s summer solstice holds an overarching symbolism of how we as individuals need to always remember one thing: the only constant in life is change.

That being said, schedules, routines, and traditions seem to have an overbearing hold on our generation. Many need the security and comfort of consistency. Because without it, havoc runs freely. Panic attacks intensify. Spontaneity takes a backseat to responsibility.

So where does therapy come in? What good is counseling if you can get more feedback from your pet than your seemingly-emotionally-frozen shrink? And what does any of this have to do with the fact that the solstice was a day earlier and most of us didn’t realize it?

Great questions. Ones I hope to gradually clarify for many of my clients. Counseling isn’t just about ranting to a blank-faced adult while lying on a couch. Therapy is relaxing; therapy is a release. Yes, that is right: therapy is therapeutic. Why?

The simple answer is that yes, venting your worries to an unbiased third-party makes most people feel freer, less dirty. It makes them feel a little bit less of a bad person in a crooked society. But in that magical hour with a qualified professional over the course of time, progression begins to etch its way through that blurry cloud of confusion.

A good therapist serves as a mirror.

Which brings us to the hard part. How many of us avoid mirrors? Maybe it’s because your nose is crooked. Or your hiding a zit. Or you feel guilty about neglecting your moral values. But a quality therapist will be a solid, clear, mirror in which you can get a candid image of yourself. Mirrors are honest (excluding those cheap $1.99 ones that should only be at fun-houses). And over time, your image changes. Your persona filters through the haze of doubt.

Life changes. Expectations fail us. But mirror’s don’t hold back.

Good therapy can be your mirror.

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